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The Golden Days of Online Group Coupons are Almost Over

Groupon says it will take 25% instead of 50% but the 25% is off the retail price and the merchant decides how steeply they want to discount their product or service. Take a $100 spa facial. If the merchant discounts it to $60 then they will net $35 after paying Groupon their $25.

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Cancellation Rates in SaaS Business Models | Vistage

In the case of WP Engine, we knock off 2% for credit card fees and a certain amount for hosting and bandwidth costs. Once you get down to that, you can easily answer questions like “how much money can we spend to acquire a customer.” For example, if LTV (net) is $500, it’s a pretty easy decision to spend $50 or even $150 to acquire a

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What Were They Thinking? Avoiding Corporate Strategy

While Johnson and his new team were redesigning JCP, the company was laying off more than 1,000 workers at the very headquarters the executives commuted into each week. Many of the employees released were highly experienced and loyal professionals – ousted intentionally to bring in twelve year olds lacking a strong work ethic and possessing

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Opportunities Multiply As They Are Seized: Achieving

This is possible to pull off because of plan clarity and detailed understanding of who must do what by when. Businesses should also be providing the same level of clarity in planning, but rarely do. Instead, the silos of the organization are left to do planning on their own and the opportunity is missed to create a macro-orchestration of

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Social Media and the Return of the Customer Relationship

It was a part-time job, or something that was done when they got laid-off, or while they were working on their next big idea. There was no customer relationship – only numbered accounts, computers merging big data with form fields and bulk postage filling the sales funnel to move the inventory purchased by remote buyers.

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How Content Marketing Affects Your Overall Business

He adds: “Instead of interrupting them with messaging about sales, coupons, and products, keep the relationship going by giving them content that they care about and can use.” An infographic by UK consulting firm Content+ revealed that 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on its site.

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