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Teach kids what the Bible says about love with the Bible Verses about Love banner. Love devotionals — each with a Bible verse about love. As Christian parents, we want our kids to know what the Bible says about love, right?

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Printable Christmas Coupons Kids will Adore | Great

Printable Christmas Coupons for Kids. These free, printable Christmas Coupons have a cover for the top of the Christmas coupon book: There are 15 coupons to follow the cover, each with a different design. Of course, if you want more coupons you simply need to print more!

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Show Your Love with Printable Valentine's Coupons

A chore off your honey-do list; A back rub; Read a book together; Your choice of dessert; Aren’t these little bugs cute? These coupons are perfect for young boys and girls. My boy, upon seeing the bug coupons, helped me design these nature coupons, so they come teen-boy-approved. These are great for preteens and teens, or even your younger

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Christian Cartoons Kids Love | Minno Kids - Thinking Kids Chri

Use coupon code MINNO99 to get your first month of Minno Kids for just $0.99! Oh! Don’t forget to check out Minno’s best-selling kid’s Bible storybook, The Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids, while you’re at their site!

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Love Your Neighbor on Mother's Day | Printable Mother's

To get the household license free, and the classroom license for 50% off, join the Thinking Kids newsletter, and we’ll send you a coupon code! OR. In the comments, let us know how you love your neighbor on Mother’s Day! Thinking Kids Posts You’ll Love.

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Easy Graham Cracker Nativity Scene - Thinking Kids

I’ll send you a coupon code so you can grab the download for free (or 50% off for a classroom license). Your Nativity Scene Base & Stars (Register above for your printables, or purchase here.) Cookie Icing (I like the icing that’s already in a squeeze bottle!)

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7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Kids

7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Kids 1) Do not over-schedule. It is ok to say, “No,” to something. You do not have to have something scheduled every night of the week.

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7 Days of Creation Printable and Craft - Thinking Kids

The 7 Days of Creation Printable and Craft is part of an ongoing series of Bible crafts and projects at Thinking Kids. Bible Road Trip™ includes weekly crafts–you’ll find detailed descriptions of some of those crafts, as well and new Bible crafts not found in the curriculum. I love doing art projects with my kids. Creating can really help children process and retain information.

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Christmas Advent Calendar with Bible Verses - Thinking Kids

This would be helpful as my husband was affected by the GM layoff this year – off work for 6 weeks. He did eventually get paid for a lot of it but in the meantime we put a lot of stuff on credit cards. Right after we needed a new dishwasher, lol, and the end of the year is always fun on money with two kid birthdays and Christmas! 😀

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100 Ways to Encourage Your Child - Thinking Kids

91. When you put off your child’s reasonable request, remember, and do it as soon as possible without your child needing to ask again. 92. Help your child create or purchase gifts for friends and relatives. 93. Help your child plan a school project. 94. Sit with your child through a tough assignment. Offer encouragement and support. 95.

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Family Prayer Box Craft With Printable - Thinking Kids

Be sure to carefully peel off the masking tape while the paint is still wet. If you wait until the paint is dry, you may rip off the paint. 3) Paint the outside of the box and the top of the lid. Use your 1.5″ brush to paint the outside of the box and the top of the lid. Use a good amount of paint (but not enough to drip) with even brush

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