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Actived: Wednesday Mar 3, 2021


How Do You Get Off Sleeping Pills? - Symptoms & What To Expect

If your answer is to quit and go cold turkey, then you’re in for a tough, and even dangerous, battle. There’s a safer and better way to get off sleeping pills, and we’ll share doctor-recommended techniques to help you kick the habit with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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How to Pull an All Nighter - The Ultimate Survival Guide

While pulling an all-nighter to study leads to short-term memory and poor recall, it also affects day-time productivity. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the impact of exhaustion on performance costs employers an average of almost $2000 per employee annually, due to significantly worse productivity, performance, and safety outcomes.

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How To Not Fall Asleep - Tips for Staying Awake When Tired

Nodding off at odd hours can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. Likewise, there can be many different ways to address this issue and you should strive the find the healthiest options that work best for you. Try healthy activities like energy-boosting snacks, exercise, or a quick nap to get you through your most sluggish times.

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Sleeping With Socks On At Night - Good or Bad? | Sleep Advisor

A more regulated body temp may be all that it takes to stave off a hot flash. As the night goes on, our core body temperature can drop by a few degrees. During menopause, the already off-balance hormones may overreact and send signals that it’s time to heat up, hence a hot flash.

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3 Hours of Sleep: Is a Nap Long Enough to be Well-Rested?

Because of the perceived increase in time spent in the typically late-stage REM cycle, many polyphasic sleepers believe the “Everyman method” – which relies on cues taken from the body, like a decrease in alertness, to tell the sleeper when to stop and take a nap – allows them to experience higher quality sleep than if they were to sleep 6 to 8 hours in a row.

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Homemade Bed Bug Remedies - How to Repel and Get Rid of Them!

That way, as bugs try to climb up into bed with you, they’ll get stuck at base camp. Make sure you don’t sabotage your efforts by dragging blankets across the floor. If you neglect to keep blankets, pillows, and clothing off the floor, then don’t be surprised if the more enterprising bugs hitch a ride.

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Hypnagogic (Hypnic) Jerking - The Symptoms & How To Stop It

The term hypnagogic jerking refers to involuntary muscle contractions that cause sudden and brief twitches when you’re trying to fall asleep. The word “hypnagogic” describes the time immediately before you fall asleep while “hypnopompic” would be when you wake up. Hypnic jerks could easily disrupt your bedtime, leaving you feeling wide awake because they are so startling.

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Chronotypes - Are You a Bear, Lion, Wolf or Dolphin

According to a Northwestern University study, those with an out of sync chronotype may experience social jet lag, meaning they are constantly trying to change their sleep to fit work or social obligations, but on their days off they tend to sleep in longer. This constant shifting of the circadian cycle can lead to smoking and alcohol abuse

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Sheex Bed Sheet Review (Updated Guide 2021) - Sleep Advisor

What you have to look at, though, are the unique benefits of the product. The sheets are soft, will keep you cool and are durable. They keep their shape well over time and will last for a long time. So, while they cost a lot to start off with, they do offer reasonable value for money because of improved sleep quality and performance.

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Caffeine and Sleep - How Long Coffee Stays in the Body

Kind of like a bank account, if you don’t get enough sleep to pay off your adenosine balance, that amount carries over to the next day. If you were to get only 5 of your body’s required 7-8 hours of sleep, you would wake up tired because you still have leftover adenosine floating around in your brain.

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