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Sammamish Mortgage is a family owned and operated Mortgage Company who has been proudly serving the Pacific Northwest since 1992. We believe in making the mortgage process as transparent as possible and we were a pioneer in allowing clients to price their own loan, track rates and experience an online digital mortgage process. Combining technology with advice from our highly experienced team

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Managing Your Monthly Budget to Ensure Your Mortgage is

Collecting coupons from various sources can give homeowners the chance to save big on groceries, entertainment, and other everyday purchases. Some of the savviest consumers have been known to spend practically nothing on their purchases by simply staying committed to the art of couponing.

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No Cost Refinance in WA: Is There a Catch?

We are passing on to you the higher price the investor pays us for the loan. You will receive that rebate in the form of a credit on your closing statement—there are no coupons to mail in! Isn’t There Always a Catch? What’s the catch? There is none—except that you will have a higher interest rate in exchange for the rebate.

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