Growing Garlic: How To Plant, Grow, Harvest, And Store

Garlic has many benefits. It deters bugs, it is incredibly healthy, adds flavor to your meals, and is an easy plant to grow for beginner gardeners. This truly comprehensive guide, tells you everything you need to know about growing garlic successfully and about harvesting and storing afterward.

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26 Fun Christmas Party Games Everyone Should Try This Year

You print off the noses, blindfold the participant, and try to pin the nose on the center of Rudolph’s face. 25. The Christmas Pickle. This is a game we play each year to decide who gets to open presents first. If you’re doing a gift exchange at your party it would be perfect.

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20 Easy-to-Build DIY Firewood Shed Plans and Design Ideas

Do you live off-grid? This could mean you heat your home with wood, but this also puts you in an unusual situation when trying to build because many off-grid places have limited alternative electricity sources. Well, this firewood rack can be built without the use of any tools. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your wood neatly stacked together.

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