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AWS | Jayendra's Blog

When a user wants to change the state (such as turning the light bulb from ON to OFF), the application uses a RESTful API to request an update, i.e. sets a ‘desired’ state for the device in AWS IoT Core. AWS IoT Core takes care of synchronizing the desired state to the device.

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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (SOA-C01

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Import/Export | Jayendra's Blog

transfer to Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier for off-site backup and archival storage, and quick retrieval of large backups from Amazon S3 or Amazon Glacier for disaster recovery. Anti-Patterns AWS Import/Export may not be the ideal solution for data that is more easily transferred over the Internet in less than one week.

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Google Cloud – Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

Google Cloud – Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam is basically for one who works day-in day-out with the Google Cloud Services. It targets an Cloud Engineer who deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions.

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Instance Store | Jayendra's Blog

EBS volumes are off-instance, network-attached storage (NAS) that persists independently from the running life of a single Amazon EC2 instance Amazon EBS volume is attached to an instance, can be used like a physical hard drive, typically by formatting it with the file system of your choice and using the file I/O interface provided by the

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AWS High Availability & Fault Tolerance Architecture

Elastic Block Store (EBS) offers persistent off-instance storage volumes that persists independently from the life of an instance and are about an order of magnitude more durable than on-instance storage. EBS volumes store data redundantly and are automatically replicated within a single availability zone.

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AWS Elastic Load Balancer – ELB | Jayendra's Blog

Route traffic to EC2 m1.large and c3.2xlarge instances directly using Route 53 latency based routing and health checks shut off ELB (will not still use the capacity effectively) Configure ELB with two c3.2xlarge Instances and use on-demand Autoscailng group for up to two additional c3.2xlarge instances Shut on m1.large instances( Increases cost

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 Exam Learning Path (Obsolete) SAA-C01 is Obsolete now, Please refer SAA-C02 Learning Path. AWS Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C01 exam is the latest AWS exam and would replace the old CSA-Associate exam.

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Storage Gateway Archives - Jayendra's Blog

These volumes provide the on-premises applications with low-latency access to their entire datasets, while providing durable, off-site backups. Data written to the gateway-stored volumes is stored on the on-premises storage hardware, and asynchronously backed up to S3 in the form of EBS snapshots.

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