What Is 'COVID Arm?' Moderna Vaccine Leaves Some With Rash

The good news: "COVID arm" is a brief, harmless response. Experts are still trying to figure out exactly what's going on, but it's likely that it's simply part of the body's immune system response

Actived: Friday Mar 5, 2021


10 Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs |

If discount cards and coupons aren’t cutting it, you may be eligible to get a drug for free or at minimal cost. Many pharmaceutical companies have patient-assistance programs to help uninsured

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How to Save Money on Medications |

Hit the drug manufacturers' websites; at press time, we found $7 off a 40-count bottle of OTC allergy med Zyrtec ( and $15 off the birth control pill Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo (

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8 Steps to Saving Money on All of Your Medical Expenses

Disclosing your income may knock off a chunk of the bill, as will offering to pay with cash on the spot—you could get as much as a 20% discount. or check the drugs website for coupons to use

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Medical Bills |

Go to the billing office and offer to pay with cash or by credit card on the spot. “I would try for a 20% discount,” says Larry Gelb, CEO of CareCounsel LLC, a health-care advocacy firm.

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The Best Labor Day Sales on Vibrators in 2020 |

MysteryVibe’s Big Summer Sale, which includes 20% off its entire lineup, perfectly aligns with the holiday weekend. Use the code RELAX20 to snag its versatile toys at a fraction of the price.

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14 Smart Ways Seniors Can Cut Medical Costs |

Internet Drug Coupons offers coupons for many brand-name and over-the-counter drugs. Bay, however, strongly advises people not to purchase medicines online because of the risk of counterfeit drugs.

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43 Ways to Live Healthier for Less Money |

A buck off of a 10-ounce, $2 box of rice, for instance, provides more savings (you pay $1 for 10 ounces) than a buck off of a 20-ounce, $4 box of rice (you pay $3 for 20 ounces, a whole $1 more

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This Nutritionist Tried the ProLon Diet—Here's What

One nutritionist and her husband tried the ProLon diet, a fasting-mimicking plan that is supposed to promote weight loss and reduce body fat. Find out more about the ProLon diet.

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Best Vibrators for Couples |

The secure fit means there’s no chance of the toy slipping off, resulting in fumbling during a moment of passion, says Anne Hodder, ACS, a multi-certified sex educator. She likes it for the

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The 6 Best Knee Compression Sleeves 2020 |

The neoprene sleeves are seamless and easy to slip on and off, so you won’t mind wearing them throughout your workout for the added protection. Available at , $67

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