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Price Increases, Shipping Delays and More: How COVID Is Breaking the Promotional Products Supply Chain. The Port of Los Angeles sits in San Pedro Bay, an inlet on the Southern California coast that opens south into the Pacific Ocean.

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Tasteful Advertising - Print+Promo

This product is so functional that it can be used for any type of advertisement. It's great for trade shows, salesperson leave-behinds, new product introduction, driving traffic to a website or physical location. We can also put coupons and scratch-off options on the box as well."— Glen Hersh, vice president of sales for Admints & Zagabor

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Making Cents of Mailers - Print+Promo

The personalized coupons are much more functional and effective than other coupon formats, such as newspaper circulars, checkout coupons and nonperforated cut-out, mass-marketed direct mail coupons. In addition to coupons, GPA’s mailer is perfect for tear-off cards and tickets.

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Tag Along for Profits - Print+Promo

From thermal-transfer applications to value-added designs, tags are hanging on in changing times. From price tags to parking tickets, opportunities abound for the alert distributor in the arena of tags and tickets. Although basic products are still available, manufacturers report growth markets in specific categories, such as thermal-transfer tags and more durable products.

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American Solutions for Business Partners with PromoHunt

American Solutions for Business (ASB), Glenwood, Minn., has announced a new partnership with the technology company, PromoHunt, which provides a browser extension that enhances the promotional product search experience.This will allow users within ASB to easily access ASB-specific supplier contact information, coupons, specials, product ratings and product reviews, in addition to creating user

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Print+Promo 2020 State of the Industry Report: The

Print+Promo remains committed to providing the best news and resources we can for you during these unprecedented times. For Print+Promo’s 2020 State of the Industry Report, we dug deep to measure print industry health, learn more about the major issues currently affecting the print industry, and more.

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Choose Your Flavor: Three Major Verticals and How to

The decision to target one, three or five verticals is personal. With multiple variables at play, there is a great deal of gray area. However, this much is certain: Distributors who venture into new markets unprepared risk not only their reputations, but, by extension, the reputations of those who know the niche

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New Press for AFE Industries Card Printing Group

The new press, along with the company’s Sonic Seal packaging equipment, enables 100 percent tamper-proof scratch-off phone cards and other promotional products. It also compliments AFE Industries’ manufacturing of prime, bar-coded and RFID labels, coupons and folding/flexible packaging.

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6 case studies for bringing profit to your present-day

History: Those who don’t know it won’t get rich from it. (Or something like that.) While conventional wisdom tells us that studying is for nerds, double-nerds and maybe the guy who does your taxes, it turns out that a little time spent on study can pay off on your quarterly balance.

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8 Ways to Design Successful Postcards - Print+Promo

The offer and size of the card also need to work together. “Half off on a little card will probably do a lot better than 10 percent off on a big card,” he said. “But if you are looking at the same offer across two card sizes, the bigger one will [win] and mostly because it stands out on the desktop.” 3. Personalize Whenever Possible

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Are You Selling to These Key Verticals? You Should Be

As for what’s trending in 2018, Flowers listed Gill-line’s EZ-Peel Repositionable label. Featuring an ultra-removable adhesive, the label can be placed on doors to remind residents of their polling location and date—and to vote. Despite its “strong initial stick,” the item comes off easily, leaving no adhesive residue behind.

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