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Actived: Tuesday Oct 27, 2020

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Technologists vs. Lawyers vs. Doctors: Who Earns More?

As I struggled to find work and live in my vehicle owing $148,000 in student loans, more and more Indians were coming to America purchasing $400k to $1 million homes off the H1-B Visa. After several years of crying and wondering what was wrong with me, I decided to switch my policltical party to Republican to support President Trump in hopes of

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Your 2020 Candidate Sourcing Guide: Everything You Need

“Generally, I don’t like take-home coding tests because they are too off-putting, especially for working professionals,” he said. “Plus to get an accurate assessment, the problem needs to be well-defined.” The only exception would be when a take-home assignment is used as preparation to an onsite project or challenge, he added.

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H-1B Spouses Working Under H-4 Visas May Soon Be Forced

IT specialists in any country more or less the same. But here is a funny thing – foreign IT is cheaper and comparable in quality. Programmers from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia with 2+ years of experience will be cheaper for abstract New York company for a whole year, than fresh graduate from some fancy american university.

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Slicing and Dicing Big Data for Opportunity

It’s recognized that Big Data not only exists, but that it has great potential to disrupt well-established vertical markets. IBM has commented on information increasing twofold while Cisco predicts that, by 2015, there will be 15 billion connected devices in circulation. While until recently the Big Data phenomenon was hype generated by the technology industry and media, it has been rapidly

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Facebook’s PayPal-Style E-Payments Could Raise Privacy

In order for such a system to work, Facebook would need millions of users’ credit-card info on file. Facebook is reportedly testing a PayPal-style e-payments system, one that would allow the social network’s users to make purchases via mobile apps.

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Build Influence by Picking Fights and Stealing Stories [Video]

For example, the New York Times Magazine published a story about Target sending diaper coupons to a family who had a teenage daughter, but they titled it “How Companies Learn Your Secrets.” Forbes took the same story, rewrote it, and retitled it “How Target Figured out a Teen Girl was Pregnant Before Her Father Did.”

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How Apple Could Make iOS 7 a Winner

Make Passbook More of a Force: In theory, Passbook is a pretty interesting app, allowing users to collect the e-versions of their movie tickets, coupons and boarding passes in one easy-to-access location. In practice, though, Passbook needs more passbook-enabled apps, which means Apple persuading more merchants and companies to climb aboard.

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