The Best Careers For Starting Over After 55 | Career Trend

Today, 40 percent of Americans older than 55 are still working. In the past decade, they have accounted for most of the workforce growth, and they plan to work far into the future.If you’re older than 55 and looking for your best career, start with the skills you already possess and the job you know best.

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How to Use Your Employee Discount at Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is a popular women's underwear store owned by Limited Brands that sells unique and high-end undergarments. If you become employed by Victoria's Secret you will be able to enjoy a 30 percent employee discount on the products in the store as well as products sold at Limited Brands other stores: Bath and Body Works, C.O Bigelow, The White Barn Candle Company, Henri Bendel and La

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Specifications for ValPak | Career Trend

Valpak is a designer and printer of coupon, flyer, and card templates. It produces its products in both monochrome and in full colors and makes its products available with a number of general features, as well as further customizable specialty features upon request. The Blue Envelope, which is Valpak's flagship

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Recognition Ideas to Reward Employees for Perfect

A closer parking space is a welcome perk and substantial reward for perfect attendance that might shave several minutes off the employee's commute or just make the on-campus commute less arduous. A prime parking space for one month is a suitable award for perfect attendance for a calendar quarter or maybe two to three months of parking

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How to Sell Fragrances | Career Trend

Print coupons or develop deals such as buy one fragrance get one free or half off the retail price. Lowering prices, especially during times of economic stress will help you sell more fragrances. Allow a potential client or customer to hold and smell different fragrances. When the customer or client can see, feel, hold, and smell the fragrances

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How to Start a Candy and Gift Shop | Career Trend

Turn your passion for sweets into a profitable business by opening a candy and gift shop. Chocolate candy alone generates $19.5 billion in sales in the United States as of 2012, according to the Packaged Facts website. Chocolate does well in good times and bad, because it's considered an affordable luxury. Of course

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Can You Get Food Stamps When Collecting Unemployment

If you receive unemployment benefits but still have problems making ends meet, there are other social welfare programs that can help you, including food stamps. Food stamps provide you and your family with funds to buy food, and in many areas participation in the food stamp program can make you eligible for other

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How to Start a Christian Bookstore & Cafe | Career Trend

You can hold off on hiring staff until you are closer to the opening; however, it will be helpful to have extra hands for setting up the store and cafe. Set up your bookstore and cafe. Begin by purchasing the items you outlined in your business plan and ordering shipments of books (either from Christian wholesalers or wholesalers that carry

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How to Get a Liquor License in Louisiana | Career Trend

Louisiana is strict about issuing liquor licenses. In addition to state requirements, each parish may have additional laws governing the sale of alcohol. Applying for a Louisiana liquor license can be time-consuming, but is worth the effort if you want your business to sell alcohol.

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The Duties of a Domestic Engineer | Career Trend

Often, domestic engineers spend a great deal of time trying to find ways to save money and find the best deals, which could include everything from clipping coupons to doing online price research. A domestic engineer is also involved in the long-term management of household finances, making decisions about insurance coverage and retirement and

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Definition of Customer Service Agent | Career Trend

A customer service agent is someone who provides service and support to a company's customers. Working via phone, in-person or online, these employees answer questions, solve problems, take orders and provide information when needed. They are an important part of the overall customer experience.

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