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For CWI's and SCWI's (3 and 6 year cycles): The renewal process is an important part of maintaining your certification. SCWI’s and CWI’s maintain their certification by submitting an approved renewal application to the Certification Department.

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how to make 2G and 5G test combination in one coupon

It is permissible to use a single test coupon welded in both 2G and 5G positions, or to use separate 2G and 5G test coupons. The guidance is in QW-302.3: "For test coupons made in both positions 2G and 5G on a single pipe test coupon, specimens shall be removed in accordance with figure QW-463.2(f) or figure QW-463.2(g)." If you look at the above figures, there is a 100 degree segment on

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Hello Giovanni, when I prepare coupons I saw them out and then use a belt sander to complete the coupon preparation. I make sure that I have all of the sanding lines running the long way on the coupons and I also take care not to overheat them or change the color in the steel by over-sanding, I also sand a 1/16 radius on all of the corners of the long sides of the coupon.

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Coupon Definition

Or 50 cents off that box of fruit loops. By welderbrent Date 06-28-2016 23:09 The annual interest rate paid on a bond, expressed as a percentage of the face value. It is also referred to as the "coupon rate," But I don't know what my investments have to do with your welding code

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Coupon thickness vs. weld metal deposit

I'm not that familiar with B2.1, but shouldn't he get "2t" for the SMAW. Typically the 5/8" wall x 2-3/4 OD pipe used for the super coupon would have 1/8" deposited weld metal for GTAW and 1/2" deposited weld metal for SMAW.

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Coupon test for D1.1 welder qualificatio

I have a doubt on welder performance qualification by AWS D1.1. I need a welder for welding with and without backing. As far as I understood, for qualifying the performance of the welder, I have to use a coupon test that uses a backing strip.

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Discount Programs : Membership : American Welding Society

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Preparing coupons?

Hello all, I have posted once before and found this is the place for great help. I teach at two schools and found that people have two ways of doing things. I was taught that when prepearing side bend coupons to be bent to D 1.1 you remove the backing strip, grind down the face reinforcement and the root down to flush with the plates.

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Production Test Coupon

I have fabricated a vessel out of SA516 Gr. 70 to operate at -48 0C temp. The weld procedure got qualified for impact test but one production coupon out of three got failed in weld metal impact test after PWHT.

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"Monster coupon test"

I believe the 'monster' coupon name actually originated with Triangle Engineering, a major supplier of test coupons. By F-17 Date 10-28-2013 16:45 Welded up lots of them over the years ,Relatively certain its DOM tube By spgtti Date 10-28-2013 19:40 Also called a Super Coupon. I've been told its made from tube, and as js55 said it changed

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bend test finishing

I place the plates in the saw and measure off the correct trim cut and proceed to cut this material off. Since the corners are tacked this trim piece comes off in one piece and doesn't shift any. Next I position and measure the correct width for the actual test coupons and lock them in place.

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